The 10 big mistakes that are made when trying to reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol

Focus only on bad cholesterol (LDL) Cholesterol is a fatty component of our body and is divided into several fractions. One of them, the cholesterol LDL is harmful because it promotes the development of cardiovascular disease and is considered a risk factor for atherosclerosis with hypertension, diabetes mellifluous and consumption of snuff. By contrast, HDL cholesterol is beneficial fraction and reduces the risk of such diseases. The cholesterol in our body is produced in part in the liver and another fraction comes from the diet, so avoiding its absorption in the intestine can reduce the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood.

It is not enough to reduce the consumption of foods rich in cholesterol diet “is not enough to reduce the consumption of foods rich in cholesterol in the diet , because of the cholesterol is produced by our body. A decreased consumption of those foods In LDL cholesterol must be added that those rich in saturated and trans fats that will produce a detrimental effect on health, “says the specialist. Do not follow the medical plan The main barrier to argue patients to abandon treatment usually intolerance to these drugs, although currently there stations with fewer side, more powerful effects and require fewer doses to achieve the objectives. “However, the reality is that stations are safe drugs with few side effects , ” says Perez Martinez, Professor of Medicine.

Other barriers to their use is the lack of response to stations by some patients, which is called ‘correspondences’, although this does not directly depend on them. Eat everything Diet is an effective tool for controlling cholesterol and should always be the first step to take into account. “An example of this is the Mediterranean diet , whose consumption increased longevity, quality of life and lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer or cognitive impairment, despite their high fat content, in contrast to those recommended for decades diets are linked By the Anglo-Saxon nutritionists, “clarifies Perez Martinez. It has also been shown that consumption of a Mediterranean diet positively modulates multiple mechanisms such as inflammation, oxidation stress, hemostats or endothelial function. “Therefore it is not a smart strategy abandoning oneself to an unhealthy diet in exchange for taking a drug to control cholesterol , ” he concludes.

Eliminate all the fat from the diet “It has taken several decades to prove with solid scientific evidence, what we already knew in Mediterranean countries is that fat can be healthy if consumed in proper moderation , ” explains Perez Martinez. These works support the new paradigm of healthy diet, that moderating the consumption of calories, the important thing is not the quantity of fat that we consume but its quality. Foods contain a mixture of different fats, including saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated omega 6 and omega – 3 . They should be especially limited in saturated, because they increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Not knowing your cholesterol levels Cholesterol or elevated blood cholesterol levels or epidemically is a “non-painful” condition. This influences the patient often is unaware of the disease you have and, what is more worrying is the risk of suffering a cardiovascular disease . “In this fact the doctor plays a key to sensitize the patient role. Every healthy person over age 40 if male and 50 if female, should go through an analysis to control your cholesterol. If there is a family history of Cardiovascular disease or diabetes, or concomitant diseases in that person should be to advance this screening “, clarifies the specialist.

Blame the wrong foods Cholesterol is a fatty substance naturally present in all human cells necessary for normal functioning of the body. A healthy person needs to consume 250-300 mg daily. The actual effect of dietary cholesterol, and specifically of the egg, on cholesterol levels in the blood is low and is largely influenced by individual factors such as genetics, body weight, or lifestyle. From As for dairy , it is available today skimmed or semi – skimmed products that allow us to benefit from their wealth in calcium without limiting their potential losses resulting from saturated fats. Do not exercise Taking the medication does not exempt you from exercising. Physical exercise has a very interesting effect on cholesterol and especially on HDL-C or good cholesterol. “Perform aerobic exercise three to five times a week , adapted to the biological status of the person, can increase levels of our good cholesterol, in addition to controlling our weight, which is essential to control triglycerides and our sugar levels , ” says Perez Martinez.

Moving from one miracle diet to another In addition to following a diet as closely as possible to the Mediterranean, from the practical point of view to control LDL cholesterol we must reduce the consumption of animal or saturated fat. The miracle weight loss diets have shown that in the long run are ineffective and even some of them are harmful to health . “If we lose weight we must be customized to each individual, detecting where we have an impact. If there is a high intake of saturated fat, something common in the obese patient , it is recommended to select lean meats, skinless poultry, low – fat cheese, milk and yogurt Skim, avoid fried foods and eat foods cooked grilled, baked or steamed “, clarifies the specialist.

Taking stations with grapefruit juice Sta-tins are absorbed orally, which makes intake very important at the time of administration to achieve an adequate therapeutic effect. Many of its interactions reside in the monochrome P-450 that facilitates its possible interaction with foods like grapefruit juice. Stalin and grapefruit juice should therefore be avoided.


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