10 Tips for Healthy Aging

We all know that we will reach the elderly sooner or later, but do we consider ourselves in what state of health we will age or want to grow old? It is clear that the quality of life that we have during childhood and adulthood will play an important role in our health in the so-called ‘third age’, but what are the factors that we should take into account? The World Health Organization ( WHO ) in an article on the aging of the population emphasizes that “healthy aging begins with healthy habits in earlier stages of life,” these habits include eating, physical activity or exposure to health risks. Certainly from a certain age we must begin to take into account certain factors that we could relativist¬†before.

  1. Eat well. A varied and balanced diet is essential. Fruits and vegetables are our best allies. On the contrary fatty foods and sugar, should be taken in moderation.
  2. Take care of your body. Getting regular medical check-ups is important for optimal health maintenance, as well as timely detection of irregularities.
  3. Take care of your mind. Be mentally active, avoid situations of stress to the greatest extent possible, or in any case learn to control them. Be positive and optimistic about life visit putlocker.us.com and enjoy some movie.
  4. Avoid risks. Tobacco and alcohol abuse clearly do not play in your favor, reduce your consumption or eliminate it completely.
  5. Keep learning. Never lose curiosity. Read books or magazines, participate in discussions or even learn to use the INTERNET or get started on social networks.
  6. Physical exercise Performing physical activity moderately and steadily will favor our long-term mobility. The daily walks are one of the best activities, always respecting the capacity of each one.
  7. Caring for the house and adapting it In the same way that we make changes at home with the arrival of a baby, with the advent of old age we can also make small changes at home, changing the bathtub by a shower tray or adapting the heights of appliances such as the washing machine can prevent muscle injuries from bad postures.
  8. Be related. Leaving home, relating, getting informed, knowing new things and people will broaden our social circle. Visiting museums, going to the theater or going out to dinner will help you have a positive attitude and have aspirations.
  9. Accept and enjoy the position that is in the family. If your children are old or retired, take advantage of it. You no longer have to be aware of everything, enjoy this well-deserved rest and take advantage to do that thing that you have always wanted to do.
  10. Accept aging and enjoy it. Be realistic, you’re not 20 anymore, but that does not mean you can not enjoy it. Old age is another step in life where experience and wisdom arise, accept this new role and try to get the most out of it.

And you, how do you take care of yourself? Share your experiences and tips on how you face old age in your life day by day. Your examples are sure to help the Caregivers Corner Community, you know we like to read to you.

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